Beard Shampoo Vs Regular Shampoo

A frequent question posed by bearded dudes like you is whether they can use regular shampoo to wash their scruffies?

The short and simple answer is NO! 

Well, you can use anything you want but you won’t see the results you’re expecting.

Wondering what the difference is between beard washes and those ordinary hair shampoos?

For starters, conventional shampoos are formulated to wash the hair on top of your head – not the hair on your face.

Since beard hair is nothing like head hair, maintaining it requires special products. Here’s a look at the differences between beard shampoos and everyday shampoos.

Ordinary Hair Shampoo

You of course don’t want hair atop your head that’s slick and oily.

This is why regular shampoos are made out of ingredients that strip away natural oils and buildup caused by styling products.

However, these sulfates can usually leave the scalp feeling itchy and hair feeling coarse or dry.

Beard Wash

Contrary to a regular shampoo, a beard wash is designed to cater to the specific needs of a man’s facial hair.

Whereas oiliness and slickness are no-nos for head hair, they’re totally a-okay for beard hair. In fact, healthy beards have a natural luster to them.

Though most beard washes don’t include any harsh sulfates or phosphates, they contain ingredients that instead nourish, soften and smooth the scruffy textures of face hair.




Another difference between ordinary shampoos and beard shampoos is that beard washes are available in scents guys love. It isn’t every day you come across shampoos at the drug store developed for men and men only. Given the rise in consumerism, the modern beauty industry mostly targets women.

Stop using regular shampoo to clean your beard and get yourself a manly beard wash you can count on to gently cleanse, invigorate, repair and condition!

Keep these points in mind when you think of Beard Wash
  • Beard shampoo is great for everyday use; washes away gunk, oil buildup to promote luster
  • Simply massage the Beard Wash deep into wet beard in a circular motion to whip up a foamy lather.
  • Rinse under cold water and when you’re finished, gently towel dry your beard and experience the best results. Cold water rinsing helps to close pores leaving your underneath skin clean, smooth and healthy.


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Beard Shampoo Vs Regular Shampoo

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