Difference Between Beard Balms And Beard Oils

As with skincare, the proper regimen is required to maintain immaculate beard hair. A modern gentleman’s grooming routine consists of a few steps many men often overlook. 

Wondering what the difference is between a beard cream and a beard oil?

The truth is there are some pretty big differences!

First of all, beard oils are generally applied after beard balms. This is because beard oils lock in the hydration provided by the creaminess of balms while leaving behind a healthy shine.

Here’s a look at each of these grooming products for men.

Beard Cream

Enriched with natural moisturizers that nourish from root to tip, a beard balm eliminates dry textures, softens and smooths scraggly whiskers.

It’s rich, creamy and ideally applied following a good wash and comb through using a beard grooming comb to detangle and remove any knots.

Make sure you use a comb developed for your face hair type.

Generally speaking, the coarser and thicker your hair is the wider the comb teeth need to be. Have beard hair that’s soft and somewhat thin? You’re best off using a comb with tighter teeth.

Beard Oil

Infused with natural oils that act as protective barriers against the elements, a beard oil is an oily emollient that is typically applied after beard balm.

It provides protection but it also leaves the beard silky and smooth to the touch. Not to mention, most beard balms deliver manly scents sophisticated gents love.

If you prefer unscented, don’t you worry – There are plenty of options for you as well. As a general rule of thumb, remember to always apply your beard oil after you’ve applied a beard balm.

Beard creams and beard oils are designed to complement one another but applying them out of order can diminish their effectiveness.

Here is the ultimate step by step guide to a better beard

Step 1

Clean your Beard using a beard wash.


Step 2

Using a beard comb, safely remove tangles and knots


Step 3

Towel dry your beard before applying the beard cream conditioner


Step 4

Finally, follow with the beard oil moisturizer to lock in moisture


Practice good grooming habits and your beard will thank you.


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Difference Between Beard Balms And Beard Oils

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