Bearded Dad – Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018
Is your dad a bearded dude and proud of it? 

Not sure what to get him for Father’s Day? 

How about you give him the gift of a healthier, better looking man scruff!

The popularity of beards has been on the rise among younger guys with hipster tendencies but it’s the older fellas who have kept this face hair trend alive for decades now. Whether your bearded dad is hip with the times or still acting like he’s living during the era of disco, there are a few gifts he’ll appreciate this Father’s Day.

Beard Care Kit


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One of the most popular Father’s Day gift ideas for bearded dads is our beard grooming kit.

It includes everything dad needs to perfect his man whiskers no matter their coarseness, fullness or length. Since it has all of the products and tools required to maintain a healthy regimen, dad will be grooming like a proper gent in no time.

 Beard Apparel

Another cool gift for bearded dads is a graphic tee or hoodie featuring his favorite styles, barbershop-inspired scenes or phrases that play off beard puns.

There are all kinds boutiques that sell apparel dressed up with mustaches, goatee guys and other symbols of the beard care industry.

 Beard Mugs

Does dad like drinking coffee or tea?

Bearded Dad

Surprise him with a mug or cup that personifies his quirky sense of humor and grooming style!

Mugs that showcase mustaches, mutton chops and other types of facial hair accompanied with fun phrases are widely available.


Choosing a Father’s Day gift for dad forces you to think about him as a person.

If he’s got a beard, chances are he’ll appreciate any of the above gifts.

Really want to spoil your pops?

Give him all three gift ideas!

Your bearded dad deserves nothing short of the best, so why not.

Father’s Day – Beard Grooming Gift Sets   


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Bearded Dad – Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018

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